Hello. How enchanting and completely elating to find this fine letter. I was on vacation in Manitou, Colorado last weekend, and found this charming surprise tucked in a hemp notebook. THANK YOU to whoever sent it. I have written my own love letter, hidden it in Massachusetts, and hope some one who needs it finds it soon.






I was feeling down with the 3-1/2 son & 1-1/2 years old daughter driving me insane. I thought finally there asleep time to read this book I bought the other day, when I discovered this. Though I don’t study it still made me feel special. Awesome idea you put a smile back on my face. Thanks to E.M.




6.1.14. MONTEREY, CA.

unnamed-9I met a friend at the Monterey Crepe Company in Monterey, CA. As we were leaving something caught my eye in the drink refrigerator. I opened the door and found this envelope sitting on a bunch of sodas. I picked it up and read the envelope, I almost put it back after my friend said it’s not ours, but I am so glad I didn’t! I absolutely adore this idea. Love!

My names Kara.  Thank you for your letter :)






I found this letter today while I was shopping at the Lawnton Country Food Market in North Brisbane.  I went to pick up some honey on a shelf and there it was .. “pick me up.. This is for you” love hearts and all.  Normally I’d be a bit skeptical but a few weeks ago I was in an elevator at work (Brisbane City area) and a guy next to me picked up this envelope that we both saw. .. And when he opened it,  it was an anonymous love letter.  I must have been destined to find my own for this to happen a second time :) I am quite happy in my life but we all have moments and I think this is such a sweet thing (amazing it was found next to sweet honey!). Since then I’ve looked over this website and decided to respond to one of the letter requests :) if one stranger can make me smile then I hope I can return the favour with my personal letter reminding someone that they are wonderful and beautiful.

My names Kara.  Thank you for your letter :)




5.29.14. DENVER, CO.


I found this love letter inside a book I was reading, and it really made me smile to see that something, a movement, like this existed. I just moved across the country, and when I read the card it was a small boost of confidence that even if I don’t believe in me, someone else does. So thank you for that, whoever wrote it.




5.28.14. COLUMBUS, OH.


Found it sitting at a bus stop I frequent to get to school.

Stranger- Thank you so much for the letter! It truly made my day. As far as your question goes; I don’t think that loving someone means not challenging their beliefs at all. Ideally I guess that should be the case – you should be loved for who you are. But there is always that one person for whom you will be ready to change. When I say change; I do not mean let go of all your morals and ethics and blindly follow the other person. When I say say change I mean letting go of some things, changing something not because the other person pressurizes you to, but because you don’t mind. You don’t mind letting it go because you value the relationship more than whatever the petty little difference is you’re fighting about. And how far is too far is a question to which no one can give an objective answer. It is you and only you who can answer that. When your soul screams – ‘No more!’

I hope I’ve helped you a little with whatever dilemma it is that you’re going through. Wishing you lots of love always!


P.S. I couldn’t help but keep the letter for myself. I promise to replace it with more love!






unnamed-3 unnamed-6 unnamed-7


I was walking to lunch with a co-worker and a vendor, and found this letter stuck in a wall.

We were all pleasantly surprised at the note, and we wound up talking more about kids, life, and sunshine than about project schedules and deliverables!

Thanks for brightening our day!




5.26.14. PORT HURON, MI.


This amazing letter was picked up by my Mother at the school she teaches at, Baker College in Port Huron, MI. The words on this letter touched me and hit home with what I am going through.

Thank you for creating this amazingly beautiful thing for everyone!!!!




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